The Friends Around the World 3rd Anniversary CAL 2018

I am happy to tell you that I’m part of the “The Friends Around the World 3rd Anniversary CAL 2018” (referred to as FATW3) and it is starting today! You can find the event here

One year ago, I was asked if I wanted to design af square for the FATW3 afghan, and I said yes! Mostly I crochet amigurumi animals and toys in cotton yarn, so this was a challenge for me to create a square.

This square is the first one I’ve ever designed. I have been a bit clueless from the start, both regarding yarn selection and how to design a square. I usually crochet amigurumi in cotton yarn.


With expert guidance I found yarn, and then my journey in this square world could begin.

When I started, I had an idea of colors I would like to work with. I had to start over many times. When designing this square my grandmother passed away, and then it went a little down a hill. I decided to start from “zero”, and start on a new idea. Shortly after, my grandfather (my grandmother’s husband) passed away within two weeks. It was a blow to the head that struck me out of course. There was no longer any doubt what the square should be called and why it looks like it does.

This is my “Tribute” to all my deceased grandparents. Every round symbolizes a part of the lifecycle. In the middle, one grows in a shape like a flower. From here, both the better or worse of life. This “Tribute” square is measuring 12 inches (30.5 cm)

NOTE!: Remember to make the last Base Rounds For Joining by Clair Sutcliffe

English US: Tribute Square_US

Danish: Tribute Square-Danish

Swedish: Tribute_Square-Swedish

Dutch: Tribute Square-Dutch

French: Tribute Square-French

German: Tribute Square-German

Hebrew: Tribute Square-Hebrew

Korean: Tribute Square-Korean

Video-toturial by Tania Leis